Financial executive job description


Financial executive job description

An job description of Financial executive include elements such: job purpose/job roles, Financial executive key duties and responsibilities and other info such job spec, work procedures and instructions, KPIs, performance measuring methods …

1. Key responsibilities of Financial executive

• Give statements of financial status.
• Monitor cash flow situations and make prediction of financial trends in the future.
• Analyze any change in the industry and make necessary change in offer to customers.
• Work out strategies toward long-term financial goals.
• Conduct research on factors that may affect on the company’s business performance.
• Keep track of competitors’ performance.
• Analyze market trends.
• Establish a management system for purpose of minimizing financial risks.
• Periodically review and evaluate cost reduction measures.
• Manage and supervise accounting and financial status of the company.
• Manage the company’s budget.
• Find new finance sources for the company.

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